Alicia Hawker, MA, LPC

At times, all human beings are overcome with stress, chaos, indecision, or grief. It is difficult and overwhelming to navigate these life obstacles alone. Alicia Hawker is a committed counselor who has dedicated her education and professional practice to helping others who desire compassionate understanding to determine their best course.

In 2016, Alicia earned her master’s degree in clinical counseling from The University of Northern Colorado. She completed a year-long practicum at The Eating Disorder Center of Colorado Springs, now EDCare Colorado Springs.

Alicia’s professional experiences surround women’s issues and relational difficulties. She has interest in assisting clients and their partners explore sexual health, intimacy, and faith transitions.

Alicia’s personal journey has led her to have a unique perspective in supporting clients. Alicia is a mother and step-mother and is dedicated to raising a healthy, well-adjusted blended family. In her free time, she enjoys the beautiful Colorado mountains and traveling with her husband and family.   


personal mission statement

I want to be invited into my clients’ lives, to be given the privilege to experience their dreams and fears, joys and sorrows, triumphs and disappointments. As a therapist, I strive to provide a space for people to explore and make meaning of their relationships and experiences. In my office, I encourage less traditional therapeutic approaches to assist clients in meeting goals in a more effective and sustainable way. Client are given the freedom and safety to change themselves and their circumstances.