International Women's Day

Gentleness. Grace. Broken. Heart. Sharp. Bleeding. Dreams. Life. These words (and many more) describe the unbelievably courageous women in my life.

I have the best Tribe I could ever imagine. Women who have survived abuse of all kinds of unthinkable things, from sexual abuse to religious abuse to  narcissistic abuse; chronic and terminal illnesses, suicide, loss of children and pregnancies and partners. And oh, are their brave hearts full of the depth of love that suffering brings. They had a choice, to harden themselves to self-protect, or open their hearts to remain tender, loving, and connected. Because of these women who chose to allow themselves to remain open and connected, I am here, and I am the woman I am. I have been shaped by, loved by, accepted by, and supported by them in ways that defy words in the hardest seasons of my life. (And I hope that I have done the same for them.) The landscape of my heart would not be the same without them. To my Tribe, I thank you on this International Women's Day. To all else, I wish for you to find your Tribe. Hold each other up. Find your sisters. We need each other. We are powerful. The world needs us as we are when we lift each other up, love each other, and stand together with one voice. Powerful things happen when we do. Happy International Women's Day.